Friday, June 14, 2019


Mum you got home late again.  I'm busy waiting for my feast.  Mum has had 3 late shifts, and now has an early one at 7am.  Then 2 days off- yippee!


  1. That is good news Poppy!x
    Mum has 2 Days off..lots of fun, and lots
    of sleeping..Bless! Don't you take your
    eyes off those birdies never
    know..! HeHe! :o).

  2. You mean mum has to go straight on from night shift to morning? Are they trying to make her ill again.?
    I find my hub and I have both caught her last years cough plus head cold. First in over 30 years so shouldn’t complain but oh that cough.
    I hope you both have a lovely weekend. Sleep and eat and read a good book. Does mum read you stories Poppy?
    I had 6 bare rooted roses arrive by courier and I hadn’t planned where they should. go, The gardener was kind enough to put them in the veggie plot until I am well enough to design a new patch of grass to be made for more roses. They will be glorious if they survive. Even in winter we don’t get much rain. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹. 🙃

  3. Love those two days off weeks! Hope your mum gives you your feast before she even takes her coat off when she gets home late like that.

  4. I need you to know that I bought my iPad from Harvey Norman at least a year ago and they set up for me. but the time is so wrong and my name and I can’t download apps. . It comes up that I don’t live in new Zeaand sofeel I miss on so many good films ;.You need to know that can’t.acess films which I would like to. Can anyone help ?

  5. Your mum will need them to rest and recover
    Your a good girl poppy waiting patiently for your mummy to come home