Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Night Movie - Check Out Boomer

Um I don't think I will be taking up this sport anytime soon as I don't like water like the amazing Boomer.  What a brave kitty.


  1. Amazing! Great video Poppy!x
    Thankyou..! Just forward it on to a
    few pussy~cat people! :).

  2. Wow, bet he was brought up near the water as a kitten so he likes it. Glad that board was just being pulled by a human and not a boat.

  3. Boomer is just amazing. Poppy, we know you could do it if you tried. Some humans can's do what Boomer is doing. Thanks for sharing the video. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals

  4. DOOD !!! knot onlee doez yur name total lee rock; yur coat total lee rock, yur moovee total lee rock, but ewe sure gave de dawg a run for hiz moneee....984 pawz UP !!!

    thanx poppy for sharin :) ♥♥♥