Monday, June 24, 2019


Mum it is good that you are home from the library at 3pm.  Is it dinnertime?

Mum says NO.  So she went outside and cleaned the bedroom windows while I stayed inside and sulked.


  1. Ah! Poor Poppy!x 3pm is neither lunch or dinner
    is it..! :).
    HeHe! I always eat when l'm hungry...but always start
    the day with breakfast..l never leave my home without
    breakfast..egg, bacon,sausage, mushrooms, tomato, and
    kidney..if there is any..!
    It's the only BIG meal l have..l eat 3~4 times a day,
    but smaller portions, and never after 7 o'clock. My
    last meal is usually at four..!

    HeHe! I was looking at the windows in the bedroom
    Poppy!x They don't look very clean to me..BUT! ssssh!
    Don't say anything to Mum..or you'll never get yer dinner..

  2. Just a tip Poppy. I suggest you only use that bag twice a week for treats. I would be very sad for you if you wore it out. 😢

  3. poppy Q; mum toll a fib.. bee coz at 3 o clox... itz reel lee we think noon... sew itz time for sum kinda food...ya noe ☺☺ ♥

  4. Poppy, you can just enjoy some sun rays as mum cleans the bedroom windows. We know she will have some delicious dinner real soon. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  5. I feel anytime mum goes to the kitch-hen I deserve a meal or treats!

  6. If I listened to all my cats I’d be outside continuously feeding them
    Apparently they are constantly starving lol