Saturday, September 14, 2019

Caturday Shopping - Stylish Bed Options from Etsy

This one is from Like Kittyville which mum thinks is uber tasteful and stylish.  Forest green is an in color this year too.
Say what?  Look at this modern space capsule cat cave/bed from Pets Helper Co .  Mod with an upstairs window so you can stay safe from introoders.  

Who doesn't love a hammock?  Check out these beauties from Funny Pets.  Perfect for the cat swingers you know.

Upstairs?  Downstairs?  You choose in this delightful Downton Abbey Duplex.  Built in air conditioning on the sides to let the breeze blow in and so you can check out the views.  Can't afford the wood mega millionaire version?  Cat Play House  offer a more wallet friendly cardboard version for those of us on a strict budget.

Thanks for shopping with us.  I of course sleep on a $3 shopping bag on my mums bed.  All that might have been different if mum opted for one of these more stylish options.  


  1. They ALL look very nice Poppy!x
    But! But! Would you really swap your $3
    shopping bag for any of them, after all
    your $3 shopping bag is quite versatile..
    HeHe! Bless! :o).

  2. I like the first and last the best, Poppy, but I agree with Willie that you won't be giving up your bag any time soon.

  3. These are really cool beds! I love the one with the skylight.

  4. Oh My Poppy - I could just see Pippi & Blackie in that upstairs downstairs one. I don't think we should let Blackie sleep in the upstairs part as he is so heavy now he might crash right through the roof of it !!!!! And land on Miss Pips.

  5. Those are all so great, Poppy. We love that Downton Abbey one the most.