Monday, June 1, 2020


Today  I talked to my mum.  I told her it was 5am, it was 8am and time for her to get up, it was time to open the curtains, to turn the heater was on, to give me a brush, go give me a pat, to stop talking on the phone, that I was tired, ready  for dinner, dinner, DINNER, now, raining  outside,  dark outside, pull the curtains, pat time, snack time, bed time, pull up the covers, cover me up and let me out.  You can tell I've  been busy.


  1. HeHe! After ALL these years..and you still
    have to remind Mum what to do Poppy!x
    And...ALL that wonder you
    need ALL that sleep..! Bless! Your lovely!x

  2. It is just a good thing your mum has you to remind her
    of the important thing in life, you, Poppy.
    But I bet you are tired now from such a day.

  3. Ah, that cracked me up!Heh heh heh! Some days Derry is VERY talky! He wasn't the "talky" one, it was Nicki would would talk a lot, but I guess now that Derry's the mancat of the house (only cat in the house) he feels that's what top kitties do. Working from home as I am, some days it drives me half-mad. LOL.

  4. Man, you had a lot on your mind, Poppy!

  5. You are working so hard Poppy to keep your human on track.

  6. Wow, you had a lot to say, Poppy. More than usual, obviously. Well, when there is news, when there are complaints, when demands need to be made, you have to talk.