Saturday, July 31, 2021

Cosy Corner

 I spend a lot of time in this cozy corner.  My special bed has an electric heated pad in it for my 14 year old creaky bones, two quilts, a crochet blanket and topped with a towel.  Mum says I am like the princess and the pea.  


  1. No lumps wanted in the kitty bed, that's for sure. I have a hard enough time
    sleeping with no lumps. Are all women created to not sleep well? And I do
    not have a shift change job like your mum. Have a good snooze and save one
    for your mum.

  2. That looks like a 5 star hotel to me Poppy. You don’t even have to ring for your food. Just one little howl and it appears like magic. PLUS you have never needed to wear a mask. What a life. ♥️ 🐭🐭

  3. That looks super cosy, Poppy. Happy snoozing!

  4. A very cosy bed for a cold winter...