Thursday, July 15, 2021

Day Off

 Mums day off started with a sleep in.  Then she did some chores - a Hoover of the carpet, made the bed and opened the windows to get some fresh air moving about.  She had some clothes to return to the post office, which is really the bookstore as post offices have seemed to have disappeared now.   A visit to the library is mandatory, always reserved books to pick up and drop off.  The supermarket wasn't too busy, but cat food seems in short supply and expensive, so even though there aren't too many cans of feast in my cupboard mum will wait until it is on special again.

Mum tried to resist but after lunch she had to have a nap.  I woke her up though at 4.30pm ready for my dinner.  I licked all the jelly off a sachet of something leaving the meaty bits behind.  Mum made herself a new pasta dish but did not really like the supermarket pasta sauce she added.  She had made too much, and now has to eat it for the next 4 meals.  


  1. No wonder mum needed a nap, Poppy. What a way to spend the day off, working at home. Here I am having a bit of
    trouble finding cat litter I use. I try to keep a few bags ahead just for this reason. Hope you get some feast in the cupboard soon and on sale.

  2. poppy q....heerz hopin ewe & mum have a grate day and weekend....

    and whatz with cat bee scare at times round heer as well AND ching pricez haz gone UP !!!! we even haz trubull gettin cat litter


  3. Oh my! Give Mum some extra snuggles and I hope your cat food doesn't get anymore expensive, Lukas is on special food for his kidneys and that has gone up here too. Have a sweet sleep.

  4. Look at you sitting there on your little bag Poppy Q ❤ I totally know what Mum means about cat food - there is a shortage up here too & both Pippi & Blackies favourites are in short supply. Times are tough little Pops. xx

  5. Oh, I hate it when I have a lot of something I'm not fond of eating. One can't waste it, so one makes do. And what's with the lack of cat-food these days? I hope you don't run out, Poppy.