Friday, July 30, 2021


 Mum did not get called in last night which made her happy, but her fitbit says she only got 4 and a half hours sleep last night.  The good thing was that work was busy today so she did not notice how tired she was.  Once she got home though she was incapable of doing much.  She gave me my dinner and a couple of cuddles.  

The only chore mum succeeded in doing tonight was a load of underwear washing.   Uniforms and sheets will be done tomorrow when the sun is meant to be shining.  Mum watched a program on TV this week where the kids only washed their sheets once a year.  Gross.


  1. Sheets once a week! Not for my liking. Love the sign of spring with the flower
    bud, Poppy. Have a happy weekend.

  2. Gross indeed. Sheets get done once a week here, sometimes more if the biped has had a lot of night sweats. LOL.

    Poppy, we sure hope your mum gets more sleep tonight. The biped here is unbelievably exhausted from lack of sleep (mostly body pain, some night sweats), so she can sympathize. You reach a point where you can barely function, and that's not good. You take good care of her, Poppy!

  3. Oh yuck - once a year is a bit gross Poppy. When I wore my fitbit to bed & I would check how much sleep I got, it just about did my head in how little I got .... so I had to stop wearing it to bed. I am not a good sleeper & envy people (like you Pops) who can sleep well. xx

  4. Mum can relate on the lack of sleep. She got two hours the other night cuz of bad storms overnight. Even after a good night of sleep she is still a bit off.

  5. I read that in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, while the English had relatively few pieces of underwear, they washed them often; the French had many more sets because they washed theirs only once every six months or so, storing them in a 'lingerie' (linen room). I'd rather wash them frequently, and wonder if poor French people washed their clothes only twice a year or so like the well-to-do, even if they had only a few sets of underwear...