Saturday, November 6, 2021


 It's rather gloomy outside again today so mum wanted to share some of the photos that she took during the week.  Mum has spent most of the day watching Downton Abbey , which is being replayed on the television at the moment. A change from all of the horrid shows currently on.


  1. Petunias, roses, Poppies! lol. All beautiful flowers, Poppy. We have a bit of
    roses trying to beat out the frigid killing freezes we've had 5 days in a row.
    They are hanging on with blossoms if the roses are close to the houses. Other wise,
    we are too deep into this cold for new blossoms. Have a great weekend.

  2. Such beautiful flowers, Poppy. Sorry you had a gloomy day, but glad you and your mum got to spend the day together.

  3. Lovely flowers now that ours are all gone for the year.

  4. I can almost smell the flowers' fragrances...

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