Monday, May 2, 2022


 Mum went to work at midday today and was glad when work was over.  She went to the supermarket and got most of what she needed, but she will have to go back tomorrow to get some chicken as the supermarket was sold out.  She feels like a chicken noodle stirfry for tomorrows dinner, its been a few weeks since she made one.  With groceries being so expensive,  she tries to stick to a meal plan.  She has all the lunches sorted for the week.  She's got all mine sorted too.


  1. Poppy, human food and kitty food is so expensive. I have cut down to eating meat
    only 3 times a week. But the good veggies are expensive too. Hope your mum can
    always find your feast. Precious has her high protein chicken every meal.

  2. poppy q; mum shuld bee thanx full de stor waz outta bass terd chckn !!!! just say ;)♥♥