Thursday, May 19, 2022


 Mum has been super tired this week, something all of her colleagues are complaining about.  She think its that change if seasons, when it is harder to get upon cooler mornings when it is dark outside and you are nice and cozy in a warm bed.  

Mum is filling in tomorrow night for a sick colleague and figures out that she can sleep in the next 6 days.  I'm happy with that plan.


  1. We get lighter and you get darker, Poppy. But time together sleeping in sounds good no
    matter what the season.

  2. Your Mum is wonderful to work for sick colleagues and she does a hard job. Give her lots of snuggles!

  3. poppy Q...itz gettin ta bee lite at ten at nite heer when it shuld bee dark o clox
    we much due knot like it truth full lee ~~~~~ yurz N mumz plan soundz like a good one !! :) ♥

  4. I hope it is nothing going around her work-place...

  5. 6 days of sleeping in sounds good to me!