Sunday, May 1, 2022


 So no dramas or puddles today.  Mum still isn't convinced that I did it, but she thinks she didn't do anything.  

So mum got up and went for a walk to meet a bestie.  The day was overcast and windy, but warm. First they went to a local pasta shop,  where mum had a delicious cabonara and an orange soda.  They then went to the local oldies cinema to see the new Downton Abbey movie.  It was a bit predictable,  but had a few tears and lots of laughs.  It was lovely to see all of those lovely faces again, and as always the clothes and hair were gorgeous.   It felt like visiting with old friends again.  A good autumnal afternoon treat.

Now its a relaxing evening for us.  Leftovers for dinner tonight for mum, a feast for me.  Mum is now washing her face, and getting her uniform ready for tomorrow,  so I am purring knowing bedtime is close.


  1. We're glad all was well for your Sunday!

  2. I wonder what happened with that puddle. Whenever I'm in doubt about a puddle's origin, I have to get down and do the sniff test...

  3. We're happy to hear you and Mum had a nice Sunday, Poppy. XO

  4. I am glad there were no more puddles although I did think it was rather big for one ladycat to make.