Saturday, May 21, 2022

Purple Skies

 Stormy weather systems out the west of us have given us purple skies as the sun sets.   Last night was cold here and i was glad when mum got home to turn the heater on for me.  She slept very well and it was warming up and sunny by the time she was up.  

Mum went out and got sushi for lunch and a few treats for us  but she was glad to be back at 4pm to bring the clothes rack inside and draw the curtains.

Oh and thanks for the comments yesterday.  Mum has used command hooks/strips and blu tack before and they have all done some damage to the walls/ wallpaper of houses she has been in.  She's used to it now and i don't mind either.


  1. The sky is gorgeous, Poppy!

    We're sorry your mum hasn't had luck with the Command hooks. Only once did they cause damage here and that's because the biped didn't pull the tape straight down when taking the hook off. User error. LOL. Otherwise, all the command hooks, in every room, have worked well for her. :-)

  2. Even though it is a sign of storms, that purple sunset looks lovely.

  3. I have no pictures hanging either. Own my house, it's just my choice is blank walls.
    But when you're not allowed, it is different. Hope you do not have seriously bad weather.

  4. Very unusual skies there, Poppy; almost otherworldly.

  5. Wow, Poppy. That sky is amazing! We hope that weather is not too bad.

  6. I love the photo and hope the weather has not been bad for you and Mum. It sounds like you both had a good day.