Monday, December 10, 2007

Ask Professor Poppy

Hi, Poppy. My mommie has a question about blogging. Can you tell her the size the pictures you post? She was playing around today and alot of the pictures were way too big. I hope you can help her. Well, I have to go and groom her's very dry.

I love to play nurse.


Hi Sophiekitty

I am glad to hear your moms arm is getting better. All ready for the holiday season and blogging.

Usually your digital camera has a couple of settings, which allow you to make pictures with different numbers of pixels. A larger number, gives a better detailed picture but takes up more space on your compooter and takes longer to download. My secretary uses a middle setting on her camera (SQ1 2048x1536).

If you goes into your picture folder on your compooter, and hover with the cursor over a picture your mommy has taken with your digital camera , you will see some informations come up. Most of the pictures I use, are about 600kb and this is fine for blogger. We also save our pictures as jpeg images (there are lots of different ones you can use).

One other thing that will influence the photos you can use on your blog is what kind of speed your internet is. I don't know if dial up would be fast enough for blogger, as it would take forever to download a picture. We has a pretty fast broadband, that means our pictures only take about 20-45 seconds to download (seems forever sometimes).
I hope that helps you in planning your blog. Please feel free to ask any questions. I promise you that blogging is pretty easy.
Professor Poppy Q


  1. Wow pwofessor Poppy! You wook vewy nice in those pwofessor gwasses.

  2. you are awfully smart Poppy! i really like your professor look. my mommy wears glasses too but she doesn't look as good as you do.

    I really like your smart hat too!

  3. We usually take really big (high resolution) photos, but then edit/crop them in Photoshop, then resize them to around 900 x 600 pixels. It takes some extra time, but it saves some computer space and loads faster.

    ps: cool glasses!

  4. What a helpful kitty you are Professor Poppy Q!

    I reallylike your glasses - they are very stylish.

  5. Wow, Poppy! You are very, very smart! And I like your glasses. You look very cute.


  6. Love the glasses dear. They really emphasize your eyes!


  7. When you're looking at blogs, hover your mouse over a photo, right click your mouse and click on "properties" at the bottom of the pop up menu. That will tell you the dimensions of the photo you're looking at. That should give you an idea of what size you'll want your photos to be on your blog.

    I take big photos and resize them down in photoshop. Usually to a maximum of 600 pixels, whether that's height or width, just because that's my preference for size. (Most computers come with some kind of imaging software loaded on them, you don't have to use photoshop.)

    Unfortunately because of the blog template I chose, I have to resize my photos even smaller (while I'm writing a post) so the photos don't mess up the looks of the template. But I have (and do use) the option of allowing the viewer to click on the image, and the larger image opens up in another window. I know blogger has this option because I've seen it on many blogs.

    Good luck to you. Can't wait to see your blog when you have it up and running :-D

  8. Very wise advice, Professor Poppy. Jan takes her pix in biiiiiiiig pixel size and then makes them smaller for emailing or posting and saves the resized/cropped pix under another file name. You don't want to lose your original in case you ever want to print it or enter it into a contest. (Yeah, right) Jan doesn't have photoshop either and says she's confused enough without it.

    Jan's Funny Farm

  9. Thanks for your advice, Professor Poppy. I also appreciate other kitties'secretaries giving their advice too. My mommie will keep working at it and I will keep trying to keep thinking of things to blog about. Thanks again to all of you.



  10. We did not know that you were a computer genius! Gosh Professor Poppy you are brilliant!