Monday, December 17, 2007

No we are not getting a kitten for christmas.

No we are not getting a new or old kitten at chrismass.

We are not getting two kittens either.

Or a puppy.
It will just be me and my mum. We just like to look, it's kitten season here and all these beauties are looking for thems furrever homes.
Poppy Q


  1. Looking is very fun! My Mommie is at the cat shelter three times a week, and she has a very, very hard time resisting. There are always one or two "special" kitties that she falls for. Right now there is a little blind kitten that is so loving and sweet. But I put my paw down.

  2. Jan has the same problem. She goes to the shelter once week to take photos and there are always cats and dogs that tug at her heartstrings. She is sad today because a beautiful black Persian she has been hoping someone would adopt will be put to sleep. And then, there are all the other sweet cats and kittens and dogs....

    Jan's Funny Farm

  3. I'm glad to hear that. If your Mum got a kitten, it would take some attention away from you. I don't know if you'd like that, having to share your Mum with another cat.

  4. Mommy cannot look cause she wants to take htem all home. When the beans go to Petsmart or Petco Daddy can be heard saying "No, don't look, no!" Of course, they almost gave in when they saw an orange kitty like Dante with a body like Captain Jack's (lean and long). Now that was a real struggle

    they are too cute!!! x

  6. Owr heart just melts at their kittenish beauty.

  7. Looking is so much fun! The only problem... the last time I looked, I got two more kittens! I'm now considering another one, and must control myself!!!

  8. I love looking at kittens too! Your bean looking at other kittens is a great compliment to you. That means that you are such a lovely little girl she'd like more like you!

    I'd give her a couple of extra snuggles when she looks at the kittens.

    P.S. I always look at the kittens when I go into PetSmart and give a few of them some chin scratchings when they lean up against the cage.