Saturday, December 8, 2007

I got a golden rose

Thanks for the golden rose. I got one at Miss Peaches party, and from my big brudder Monty Q cat and from my special friends at Jans Funny Farm .

I is going to give one to my special friend Sophie Kitty, she comes to visit me often and her mummy is going to give her her very own blog sometime soon.

Advice for setting up your blog:
  • You will need a very good secretary, a compooter and a digital camera.
  • You need to choose a good bloggy name, one that is not in use.
  • Do lots of photo sessions in advance
  • When mum first started we thought we would run out of things to say. So we wrote a list of ideas for postings.
  • Shorter is better than long posts.
  • Sometimes just a photo will do
  • Better to try and post on a regular basis
  • Have a look at other blogs for ideas (there are some great ones out there!!) - but be yourself!! You can check out the Cat Blogoshphere for all the gang.
  • It is really easy to start. Mum set herself up a new blog for her stuff last weekend. It took about an hour to sort out.
  • To make new bloggy friends, you need to drop in and say hello. Introduce yourself. If you is a cat blogger, you can come and say hello to me, I will then post about you and my friends will come and say hello.
  • Being a cat blogger is great fun - come and join us.

Sophiekitty, you just let me know when you are ready to start and I can help you and your mum get set up.

Poppy Q


  1. We're looking forward to Sophie Kitty's new blog. We know it will be a good one. You're helping her.

    How nice you got 3 roses. You have a bouquet.

    Don't get upset, but did you know Percy is missing? Not like Monty ! was missing recently. But we posted a missing kitty report on JFF earlier. Most of the cast of Sassy's new CCSI program disappeared from the set today. This is so unlike him, but he does like adventure!

    Jan says Percy is going to be grounded FOR LIFE if he doesn't get home STAT!

    Jan's Funny Farm

  2. Hi Poppy! Please come to my party today!

  3. More Poppy!tum pics!

    Oy, MomBean, knock it off-go drink some coffee or something!

  4. That is furry good advice. We hope your furrend soon gets her blog.

  5. Thank you for the rose, Poppy! My mommie finally got the cast off her arm yesterday and is now only in a splint. She now can start taking pictures and writing down my ideas. She hopes to have my blog up January 1st. Thank you for helping me to convince her. I wasn't having any luck on my own.



  6. Poppy Q, those are some great points. I agree with every single one of them. It is very funny, but we also thought we would run out of things to write about so we had a little list, too. But then we found out that there is always something fun to write about!

  7. Very good advice, Poppy. My secretary (aka Mom) made a list of things to talk about too. That was over 2 years ago and we haven't run out of things yet!