Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Relaxing - Full Tummy Shot

Here it is - the full tummy shot. Now it is hot, I often lie like this and let my mum tickle my tummy.

I have been kind and let her have her own blog, it is just for her and for her books, movies and stuff. You can find it here:

She says that she won't post on there every day, I am more important. She kind of got the idea from Millies mom, so I am giving her space to do her own thing.
Poppy Q


  1. Poppy, I have a badge for you. You can either take it of the blog, or email me at roxythedevildog AT gmail DOT com


  2. It is nice of you to let your mom have her own blog. I like the header!

  3. Poppy, You are so thoughtful. Always thinking of others. We hope your mum appreciates you.

    Jan's Funny Farm

  4. What a beautiful tummy, Poppy Q!

  5. You're very generous, both with showing that gorgeous tummy and allowing your mummy to have her own blog! I'll definitely bookworming my way to it:)