Friday, December 21, 2007

My Friday Friend Santa

Well it was a tough race to my friday friend this week. I was going to let you know who my secret paw was, but HE is going to post about it at the weekend. So won't steal his thunder this week, instead I chose a very special friend, who I only met recently.
  • He lives with his mom and his boybean in the US.
  • He sure knows how to rock a santa hat.
  • He is the only munchkin cat I know who is my friend.

Meet my special friend - his name is Wiggles. His mom has a great blog at : I has spoken about dream mom before. She is a very special lady, who blogs about the joys and challenges of living with her Dear Son. He has special needs and they have had a busy year. Both of them have had health issues and spent too many days inside hospitals in the past twelve months.

This year my mum, dropped into Dream Moms blog to tell her that she is doing a wonderful job with her son, and with sharing their stories, its ups and downs. We knows that it must be tough for her, watching the milestones, worrying about the future, coping with everything when your back is sore and you are tired. Dream Mom, you are awesome and we know that by writing in your blog, you will be helping others. We know that you give so much of yourself in your writing, and sometimes your thoughts go places that scare you. We know that you have taken some time to laugh too, to read some of the great cat blogs out there and to comment on so many of my posts.

We were so excited when Dream Mom acknowledged us and let us into one of her darkest secrets - she has a cat!! Secretly we know he would love to have a cat blog, but we know that finding spare time to do is impossible at the moment. Wiggles you can join in anytime and I hope your mom shows some of our blogs to you. I really really liked Wiggles christmas pictures, with him in his christams santa hat - thems very manlycattly.

Merry Christmas Wiggles, Dream Mom and Dear Son. I am lucky that you are my friends and thank you for being my first ever Friday Friend Santa. Wishing you lots of joy, smiles, friendship and love for 2008. Good luck with lotto too!!

Seasons wishes to all our great cat, furry and bean friends. It has been a great seven months of blogging, and we wish you happiness and joy for the holidays and the New Year.

Poppy Q and the secretary


  1. He looks like he could be Millie's big brofur! :)

  2. Poppy Q-Thank you so much choosing Wiggles for the honor of being your Friday Friend Santa! That was so sweet of you! We always enjoy about hearing of all of your adventures. You are Wiggles first long distance girl friend. We thank you for allowing him to meet all of your special kitty friends and being part of your group. He especially likes your long legs. And referring to him as a mancat made him purr loudly.

    Merry Christmas to you and your secretary. I hope Santa brings you some good cat toys in your stocking. (I hope you have a special stocking.)

  3. What a sweet post Wiggles is adorable.

  4. Wiggles looks very nice. I am going to go meet him now.

  5. We met Dream Mom, her Dear Son and Wiggles a while ago when you first introduced them. We think of them as our friends too. Thank you for introducing Wiggles today. He is a cute Santa.

    Jan's Funny Farm

  6. ah ha! We knews there was a cat in every house! Its the law!! ;)