Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Secret Paws is on the way

Dear Secret Paws friend,

Your parcel was delivered to the post office today. My paws are all sticky from taping your presents up (that's right I said PRESENTS). I hoope you like what I got you with all my pocket monies. The ladee there says you should get it next week (dat means before christmas).

Mum says if you don't like any of it, you can send it back to me. I love it all.

By the way I will give you one clue: You is a boy!!

Poppy Q

Sophiekitty, once you gets a blog you is allowed to join in secret paaws. My friends organize it as a pussycat, and not of my species friends present swap. You never know, you may get a christmas present from a goat, a hamster or a woofie. Dis is the first year I has done it and I am all excited.

See how everyone helped out with the photo advice. Dem secretarys think they know it all.


  1. that's a really cute picture Poppy! My Secret Paw is a boy, too!

  2. But where would all the blogging kitties be without their secretaries? The secretaries are indispensable, IMO ;-)

  3. Cute photo.Your Secret Paw is very lucky to be receiving great gifts :)

  4. We lufs that picture. We seed it on a Kriss Mouse card afor. Taint Secret Paws fun?

    Luf, Us

  5. I love Secret Paws. A lot of the fun is seeing who gets the different presents. I wonder who is going to get yours?

  6. Some (boy) kitty is going to be very, very excited!

  7. Hey, how did all of you rate a secretary? Jan opened a journal (blog) site for us but we've all learned to type our own messages. That's okay. It's the only way to keep an occasional secret from Jan. We said "occasional." Honestly, sometimes she has eyes in the back of her head and sometimes she's so dense!

    Jan's Funny Farm residents

  8. Wow that's amazing - but who is your secret paw? FAZ

  9. Oh Poppy Q, you are so organized to already have your secret paws parcel sent. I bought all the stuff, but haven't sent it out yet. I will have to get busy and do that!

    This is my second secret paws, it is so much fun!