Friday, December 28, 2007

My Friday Friend - Last one of 2007

My Friday Friend is an important part of my blog. It is where I gets to tell you about other cool cat bloggers. Many of my friends and fambly does not know of all the cool cats out there, so this is for them (and for you).

This week my friday friend is:

  • Has a big brother woofie

  • Must like coffee

  • Has a cool Gizzy quilt

It is my friend Chance !! Has you met him? He is the cute tuxie boycat who Mr Hendrix helped. His beans neighbours had stopped for coffee and chance the kitty had climbed under the bonnet of their car. They then travelled for 3 hours with a wee kitty stuck under there!!

Mr Hendrixs mommy took chance to the vet, where he had some pelvic fractures and a sore tail. Then she helped him find a new furrever home, by spreading the word on their cool blog

His new mum drove lots of hours to Mr hendrixs house to pick up chance and take him to his furrever home. She even had a new Gizzy quilt in the car for him, and had started his blog before he got to his new house!! His new blog is at

Now he is going to be my little brother. My big brother Monty Q adopted him, that makes him now related to me. Welcome to the fambly little brother. Watch out for Monty Q, he sure is cheeky.

Poppy Q


  1. Good morning, Poppy,

    We were fortunate and met Chance right before he went to his forever home. We are so glad he has settled in and had his first Christmas with his new family.

    jan's funny farm

  2. I am having so much fun getting to know little Chance!

  3. Hi Poppy Q,
    That is a really nice story.....