Saturday, December 29, 2007


Today I is out sniffin the concrete - smells good!!!

Poppy Q


  1. Do you like to roll around on the concrete, too. One of my former cats loved to scratch her back on the sidewalk.

  2. You is berry lucky, everytime we go to the door our Momma says nnoooo. The only one who is aloweds outside is Hunter ands that cause he is uptodates on his shots and has been neutred.
    Momma says after I gets my danglybits removed and my last shots then "maybe" I gets to go outside and finally sniff the concrete...sigh!!

  3. What does it smell like? Is it good? It's not boycats anywhere, though, right?

  4. Interesting hobby.....Ours has snow up to moms waist on it!

  5. I like to roll around on the brick patio. I think concrete and bricks have a good smell.

  6. Happy Gotch Day!!! Dang...we ain't never heard of that before! How wunnerful! Thanks for stoppin' by our blog! Yes, Felix had a rough day yesterday...and he's still gittin' over the embarassment of it all. But, he's a big boy and will be fine.
    Thanks again for visitin' us and leavin' a comment!
    Headbutts to ya!
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang