Monday, May 26, 2008

Just watching

What made me rush in to check out the tv?

They were in the jungle, in Indonesia.

and they were looking at birdies...............

................ and I sat and watched them dance and heard them sing on the tv. I love televison.

Ohhhhhhh and did you know a kiwi, Scott Dixon won the Indy 500? Yippeee !!

Poppy Q


  1. That looks like it was a great TV program!
    Concat's to Kiwi Scott!

  2. i think it wood be fun to vizit da jungle in indonesia. fer now, i will lissen to da birdz in mi backyard ... espeshullee da jeter bird hoo vizitz evree mornin.
    an congratyoolashunz to da kiwi-bird (laffin) scott dixon.

  3. Yes, Poppy Q, we DID watch your Kiwi win at Indy yesterday!

  4. We agree, Poppy Q, birdies are wonderful to watch! Sometimes Gandalf catches them. Mom doesn't seem to like it when he does that, though.

    Congratualtions to kiwi Scott! Our Grampy watched and said it was very exciting, especially when Danica Patrick got mad!

  5. Now that's the kind of programs we want to see more of in our house.

  6. "In da jungle, the quiet jungle..."

  7. Birds! Birds! Birdies! On the TeeVee! That looks like a great show.

  8. I love TV too.Yet mom always hogs the remote so I have to watch her shows.

  9. I would have smashed into that t.v. and eaten that sassy little twirrrp! He was teasing you--I saw it!


  10. That looks like a neat TV show. Auntie told us that a Kiwi won the Indy 500. We are happy for you.

    Roxy & Lucky

  11. In our family, Rascal is the one who loves to watch TV. She really gets into it sometimes.

    When she was much younger (and we had a bigger TV than what they make now), she'd sit on top of the TV and tap at the cars going around the track when a race was on! Hahaha!

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