Friday, May 9, 2008

My Friday Friends.

Hello another Friday. It must be time for my friday friends.

This week:
  • There is a double whammy of mancatleyness
  • They live in the deep south, in a yellow house
  • Thems the same colour as me!

Why yes, it the fabulous team of Gandalf & Grayson

This is them out in their garden, don't they look good against the green grass?

This is Gandlf, I think he looks like he could be a master wizard.

This is Grayson posing next to a lamp. He is grey too but more floofie than me. He looks like a grey lion sitting like this.

Thanks for being my friends guys.

Have a great weekend everycat and bean.

Poppy Q


  1. G&G are so handsome! We enjoy reading about their adventures!
    Happy Weekend Poppy!

  2. The double G's!! They are great and I enjoy their wild antics!!

  3. Gandalf and Grayson are nice friends!

  4. Hi Poppy Q! Gandalf and Grayson are very handsome and nice Mancats. I'm also proud they are my friends.

  5. That is a nice post. I like Gandalf and Grayson too, they are nice kitties!

  6. Gandalf & Grayson are the bestest friends!

  7. Good choices Poppy Q. G&G are great fun.