Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stiff Competition

This is my sooper funny friend Daisy from Daisy the Curly Cat . It is stiff competition every day to comment first on her great posts. Luckily for us, is that her mommie gets up super early in Florida to post her daily news. It is usually around mid evening for us, so we try and check on the compooter in the evening. Miss Daisy sometimes gets over 100 comments - wowsie, that must be every cat in the blogosphere.

Miss D, you are my hero!

Poppy Q


  1. You are both super cool cats Poppy Q. purrs FAZ

  2. We are amazed at all the comments Daisy gets! We don't know how she does it!

    We are glad you can read our blog again! :D Yay! :D

  3. We think Daisy is pawsome!!
    Her blog is so much fun to read!

    ~ The Bunch

  4. Daisy is wonderful!
    We think you are as well!

  5. Yes, Daisy is the feline, sheline, blogger extraordinaire! Her Mom must be on the computer all the time to visit so many blogs! Poppy Q, you are the most prettiest Gray kittygirl we know!!

  6. Whoa! I was so surprised to see my face pop up as I was going through my Bloglines today. Thanks ever so much, Poppy Q, I feel very honored. I think your blog is loads of fun, too! And I am very appreciative of the wonderful comments I receive. It makes me feel so happy inside.

    My Mommie gets up at 4:00 am on Mon, Wed, and Fri to go to the shelter, and about 5:00 on other days. But guess what? We have started using the new scheduled posting feature on Blogger, so now we just set all of our posts to appear at 4:30 am on every day!

    {{{hugs}}} to you!

  7. Daisy has a great blog! You do, too.

  8. We love you, Poppy Q! It's fun to have a furriend from another country.

  9. Hi Poppy. Miss Daisy sure does get a lot of comments, doesn't she. Mom doesn't know how she does it either.


  10. Ha! I've finally learned the secret of posting early on Daisy's blog, too... got there not long after you today! Daisy's certainly a phenomenon, and a great friend. As are you, my ANZCAT mate!

  11. I am amazed too at all of the comments for Miss Daisy. Her Mum does a great job on the blog and Miss Daisy is just one fun lady.

    Poppy Q-You are one beautiful cat too. Don't forget all of the wonderful qualities that make you adorable. I love your soft, pretty coat, you beautiful face and your sweet and sensitive personality. Remember, there is only one Poppy Q and we are lucky your Mum shares her with us. You are always the "pick me up" in my day.

    P.S. Have you seen the commercial for "Febreze"? They have a gray cat that looks amazingly like you. I tried to find a link on the internet but could not. Not sure what kind of commercials you get in New Zealand.

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