Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yes Yes Yes

Yes - when mum knows she has a late night at work expected, she leaves me some biscuits besides my bed. Otherwise other cats sneak in through the catdoor and eat them. This way I guard them.

Yes she didn't think you guys would notice them, but your eagle eyes searched them out.

Yes my star blanket is very cosy.

Yes it is only 3 days til my competition ends, please enter your name into the draw if you wish to win fabulous prizes (see the post at the top of my blog).

Poppy Q


  1. You are smart to guard your biscuits from intruders!

  2. That's pretty neat. Breakfast in bed. Wonder how we can train Jan to do that?

  3. You look furry nice on your star blanket. A star of stars!

  4. Other cats really come in to try to take your food????? I saw a raccoon come in and eat dogfood one time on TV and I couldn't get over it. Craziness!


  5. Well my noneagle eyes didn't see them :-p

    I hope your and your Mum have a great weekend :-D