Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shout out for Stormy

This is a shout out to my lovely London Meezer friend Storm , or as I likes to call her Stormy.
Stormy just had a great 12th gotcha day that she shared with her brother Castle (or bruvva in London speak).
Stormy has just found out that her Lymphoma has come back again. We all prayed it was a pooh, stuck in the pooh shute, but instead it was a silly mass stuck on her bowel. We knows though that Stormy is getting lots of love from her mum, Castle, her super vets and all of her friends on the cat blogosphere. Storm I am going to purr and purr for you buddy.

You just lie in the spring sunbeams and relax sweet girl.

Poppy and mum Q


  1. Welcome home, Poppy Q! You are looking quite lovely and relazed after your spa visit! We hope all your smells were where you left them.

    We are also purring for Storm.

  2. We are purring very hard for her too...

  3. Glad you are back home! I know we are purring hard for her too.

  4. I will purray for Storm too!

  5. If anyone can beat this, it is our Furry Fighter, Storm! I am purring and purring for her, too.

  6. Ohhhhh no. We are doing pawsitive purrs for Storm.

  7. aw thank you Poppy Q - this is such a beautiful gesture. all these purrs and stuff definitely help I reckon!

    hehe Bruvva Castle indeed - he is a bit of a bruiser :)
    you friend in London
    Stormy xxx