Friday, May 16, 2008

My Friday Friends

This week we again have two special friday friends to introduce you too.

  • One of them is in love with a hedgehog

  • The other one loves broccoli

  • They are related to a celebrity

Have you guessed yet? They were my super swap friends on April fools day - it is the fabulous Roxy and Lucky from The celebrity they are related to is the fabulous Millie, they are her woofie cousins.

This is lucky - doing some quality control on the quilt pieces.

Here is Lucky again, snuggling with here hedgehog. She gives her a big sniff before she can go to sleep. How cute, and I am glad it is not a real hedgehoggie or you would get prickles in your nose.

This is Roxy. Roxy is training the whole family to get their black belts!! Good work Roxy.

This is Roxy begging for cheese and crackers. I heard you like broccolic and peas too!!

Have a super weekend everycat and bean. We hope the sun shines wherever you live, and all our sick friends get some quality time with their fambilies.

Poppy Q


  1. Happy weekend to you too, Poppy Q!
    Now we know why there are those beautiful Gizzy Quilts pieces!:D
    Thanx Poppy Q!
    Purrs and kissies,

  2. Fanks for sharing da story about yur friends. Dey am reeely cute (but not as cute as yoo Poppy!) Do yoo finks dey could come ofur an take care of owr vishus deer?

    Happy weekend to yoo!

  3. I like Roxy and Lucky a lot!

  4. Those look like pretty cool friends. Nice quilt!

  5. So adorable! Even though they're not cats...:)