Thursday, May 8, 2008

More scenic holiday snaps

Mum stayed on the street next to this river.

She went for a walk in this park, note the kiwi autumn colours.

She walked by this river,

and up the hill to sit and look at this view. At the bottom of this hill is a stream that is heated by the underground geothermal currents, so it is like having a hot spa bath, without paying any heating bills.

Poppy q


  1. Wonderful shots of your mum's holiday. Looks like a great place to relax!

    So interesting to see the leaves turning.

  2. After bathing, do the beans get changed in those thick bushes?? It would be a scary sight, won't it Poppy Q? haha

  3. Poppy, I think you Mum picked a wonderful holiday spot!

  4. That hot spa sounds very wonderfl!

  5. Those places look so peaceful - my mombean's sighing ...

  6. Looks like a relaxing and very peaceful holiday.