Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where my mum went

This is where my mum was on holiday. It is called Lake Taupo and is in the middle of the north island in New Zealand (yes our two main islands are called the north island and south island!!).

These are some mountains nearby, as it is a very volcanic area, the lake being an old crater. It has lots of trout in the lake, and is a great area for tramping, cycling and having adventures.

Don't let the blue skies fool you, it was icy cold this morning, and snow had fallen overnight on the hills just outside town.

My kitty spa isn't quite as scenic.

Poppy Q


  1. That is a very beautiful place your mom visited! Those photos are gorgeous! :)

  2. Hi, Poppy and Mom Q! Hope u girls are well-rested. :)
    Cool scenic photos, Mbean wants to teleport over!
    Good nite and talk to you again. :)
    Purrs and Kissies,

  3. That looks like a wonderful place for a holiday!

  4. So it was a cold, beautiful, tropical island near a volcano? It looks gorgeous!

    Mom's favorite movie is Lord of the Rings and she enjoyed the bonus features on the extended DVD's almost as much as the movie because they showed so much of the many diverse areas and types of landscapes that New Zealand has. It's just breathtaking.

  5. Wowzee! I wanna go there on holiday!


  6. Beautiful area. Doesn't look cold. But looks can be deceiving.

  7. It looks so beautiful, it's hard to believe it was so cold!

  8. That looks like a beautiful place to take a holiday. I'm sorry your kitty spa wasn't as nice, but, your Mum is home now :-D

  9. That looks like a beautiful place to holiday.

    I hope you are doing well at your Kitty Spa, do they massage you and give you facials?