Friday, May 30, 2008

My Friday Friend

Hello - of course it is Friday again. So time to meet another of our fab internet friends.

This week:

  • We have a twosome again.
  • One of them wears pink, but isn't a girl
  • The other one likes to whap his brother all the time
  • One of them likes raisins and bread, but not shrimps!

Please come and meet my friday friends,

This is the very handsome Boy , and he is about 14 years old and had a very good and comfortable life with his mom. She had rescued him from a rough cold life on the streets.

This is his new brother, who I think is called Beethoven, but Boy insists on calling him Thing.

Here Boy is telling his mom that that Thing is eating his crunchies. Check out the nice pink collar.

Who couldn't love a wee cutie like this?

Thanks Jan for telling us that little Beethoven has his own blog at: I had never been to it before, but will catch up on his blog this weekend.

Smooches to you both.

Have a great weekend everycat and bean.

Poppy q


  1. Oh, I love Boy and little Beethoven! You picked some great cats for your Friday Friends. When I first met Boy he was wearing a pancake hat!

  2. We like Boy and Beethovan (better known on Boy's blog as "Thing"). Beethovan has his own blog, I is Beethoven.

    You always have such nice Friday friends.

  3. Beethoven is cute and Boy is a very handsome mancat.

    Someone in our household is called "thing," too :-p

  4. I don't know Boy or Beathoven - I will have to go check out their blog. Thank you for introducing us Poppy Q.

  5. Fanks Poppy for tellin us about Beethoven. He kinds looks like Adan's brofur Lego don'cha fink?

  6. Beethoven is very cute and such a wee mancat! He'll look something like me when he grows up! Boy will do a fine job with his mancat training, too.

  7. Wow! Thanks for featuwing us Poppy! I haven't a chance to come by and pwoperwy thank you because mine Mummy has been away and she kidnapped the compoooter off too so I couldn't bwog or visit mine fwiends at all!

  8. Wooowwww! I is famous! Kittehs knows about me now!!!! Thank you Poppy! I is cute! So many kittehs say so! Ha...I is cuter than the Giant Kitty!

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