Monday, April 27, 2015

Just Us Girls

We all woke up to a bit of a wild morning.  The tail end of the storm that struck Sydney last week has crept across the Tasman and brought us rain and wind, not unusual for this time of year.  The saving grace is that it is not too cold, no need for blasting the heat pump.  The teenage nephew had to head home this afternoon, so mum let him sleep in til 11am.  That gave mum time to watch a couple of her programmes and finish a book.

After lunch at home there was a break in the clouds so they headed into town for some afternoon tea and a bit of a wander before heading for the train station for the nephew to catch the bus.  Mum had made him some rolls to take with him, as well as a couple of treats.

I have taken it easy today and am back on the bed.  I was busy showing Bud (the nephew) my favourite things, my scratcher and my mousie.  He was impressed by my toys.  So it is all quiet in the house tonight, me and mum are taking it easy.


  1. Looks like your really chilling out now Poppy!x
    What a lovely weekend you've had...Glad you made
    a friend of Bud...That's good!
    I'm in the middle of doing rabbits..Skinning, and cleaning
    them, ready for the pot! The doggy next door brought them
    round, first thing, as he's up the farm, early, every morning!
    His master, looks after and feeds the little pheasants, ready
    for the shooting and the end of the year! Not me though! I
    just eat them! HeHe! mmmmmM! :>).

  2. Yup cold and wet here too. Fire on so its nice and toasty inside

  3. Poppy, dear, it's good of you to entertain Bud. He must be a very intelligent man -- able to appreciate a good scratching board and pretty green mousie!

  4. You've have a busy time, Poppy, you and your mum. We hope your week ahead is quiet and uneventful in every way, including weather!

  5. Back to normal now for you an mum, eh, Poppy? Visitors are nice, though; they make a pleasant change and the enjoyment of extra company.

  6. Well done for making a new friend Poppy! I'm sure he was very impressed with your scratcher and mousey! I'm sure you'll have a big welcome for him when he visits next.

    Linda xx

  7. So Poppy Q quite like Bud if she brought things to him. But then he sounds like a quite guest with all the teenage growing he did while he slept. Be he loves coming down to visit you all.

  8. poppy Q...we hope Bud dinna pack a way one oh yur toyz.....N take it with him...ya gotta bee care full oh food serviss gurl ordered UZ a toy once N when it getted ta de houz her wuz like, oh, eye shall put thiz up sew it does knot get ruined......what da............. ??????


  9. Having company is nice. And so is the peace after the visit.

  10. Sounds like you and the nephew really hit it off Poppy. The nephew is so fortunate to have such a loving aunt. And a loving kitty cousin. Mum's nieces and nephews live a long plane ride away. Meow from Jessica

  11. I am glad you weren't scared of your visitor.