Sunday, April 26, 2015

Teenage Entertainer

Pictures of the New Zealand Troops in France in 1917 - from the WWI Display at the Dominion Museum, Wellington, NZ

Our teenage guest is very well behaved and I am not so scared of him.  I was in and out while he was in the lounge, and like to sit on my scratcher and stare at him.  Big boys need to sleep.  Mum got to sleep at 2.30am and was up at 9am (middle aged lady sleeping) and he went to bed at midnight and was up at 10:30am.

Mum made some more toasted bagels for breakfast and then made him go for a walk with her.  They went back to the war memorial park, this time to see the First World War Display at the Dominion Museum.  Using lots of things from Sir Peter Jacksons private collections, it was an interesting and moving exhibition. With many uniforms, weapons and personal items that have been collected over the years.  We imagine that the Jackson garage is very large, and we wonder where he stores the 10 tonne gun that had to be craned into the museum.   In 1915, New Zealand had a population of one million, and of those 100,000 or 10% of the population went away to war.  So for us, there is hardly a family in the country who was not affected.

Mum and Bud met up with Miss Belle at a hipster hippie cafe,  Laundry for a quick lunch together which was fun.  A couple of shops were browsed and mum popped off to the library to get some more reading material, as the seven books at home might not be enough reading.  Then miss Belle took her brother up the university to show her the Belle palace, no easy task as it is a steep hill walk up to campus.  So steep that the nephew came home with sore legs and needed to rest on the couch.

The mumster went and got some groceries and cooked up some steak and broccoli and corn so that they could stock up on vegetables, as not many greens have been consumed over the weekend.  Feet were put up, and relaxing was done.

It has been fun having a teenage visitor - we hope he comes back to see us soon.

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  1. Oh! Poppy!x What a lovely, lovely day!
    And...You got so much done, whilst enjoying yourselves..!
    And..So glad you liked your visitor. Pussy~cats seem to know
    if someone is a pussy~cat person...And, loves pussy~cats!

    I've just had my lunch, had chicken wings to~day...I love my meat
    on the bone...Love eating with my fingers! HeHe! Oink! Oink!
    It's just gone one,...I'm gonna sit down and watch a couple of games
    of football, kick~off 1:30. Take me through till tea time! More Food! :>).