Friday, April 3, 2015

Mouthful of Mouse

Thats right kitty cats - I caught me a mouse this afternoon.  Right after dinner - you may call it dessert.   We had a great day.  Lovely warm weather.  Mum had a wee sleep in, then it was getting the chores and washing done, so that the weekend would be free for fun.  The landlords came round to fix some plumbing and then mums friends came for a visit.  Mum and the friends went off into town to visit the Te Papa Museum that was having a Meccano show and a Air New Zealand show.  They did like looking at all the Meccano sets made up, and imagined all the men that made them had big old sheds at home, and spend many hours and dollars getting things together.

After mum made her dinner (lemon chicken risotto - a good old standby) I got my feast, but then mum chased me out the cat door as I started to do the old cat puking noises and doing that strange stretch that comes before a big old vomitus.  Twenty minutes later she caught me trying to charge back into the house with a mouthful of mouse, the camera wasn't handy so luckily it is not rerecorded.  She chased me outside, and I sat and played.  When mum looked out the window she realised the mouse was not deaded, so she grabbed me to give the mouse a chance to get away (outside).  I did manage to trap it again, before mum grabbed me a second time.

So after all that adrenaline action I am just plain tuckered out, and me and mum are hitting the sack at 10:30.  She is enjoying her book and wants to read a bit before lights out.

Happy hunting my furriends!!!


  1. Hooray! Three cheers for Poppy!x
    HeHe! My George used to bring in mice....
    Still alive too! He used to run down the hall,
    and, put them on the door~mat. They looked
    funny, grey with little red dots all over...I used
    to stroke and make a fuss of him, say thankyou,
    and take the mouse away!
    You pussy~cats are so lovely! Bless!x

  2. Poppy, dear, I just knew you were talking about mouse-hunting! Clever girl! Sometimes I hear my feline housemates chattering in the living room, and when I go to investigate I find them discussing the 'menu' at the bird feeder. Yum.

  3. Great job catching that mouse, Poppy! Did you do the cat barfing sound just so Mum would let you out? :)

  4. ...but chasing the mousies is half the fun! We humans have a hard time understanding that ;-)

    I know all about herding a cat that's gagging. My kitty doesn't go outside, but I don't want barf on any furniture or the bed.

  5. Great work Poppy! A real live not deaded mouse, that must have been lots of fun, especially when your mum bean was chasing you while you had a mouthful of mouse, MOL

    Have a great Easter weekend!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Well done Poppy! I caught a mouse yesterday too. I have been sitting by his mouse hole in the garden for 3 days and at last he came out to see what was going on.

  7. What excitement, Poppy! Paws up for catching that mouse!

  8. Way to go Poppy! A mouse! You are very clever. Alas, being an indoor cat I have not had the opportunity to catch a mouse. yesterday I tried to vomit in mum's felted slipper. Happy Long weekend, from Jessica

  9. Clever Poppy Q! You need to come live here. Laura catches them, brings them inside and lets them go eeeeekkkkkk. We have mice traps to catch her hunts.

  10. Yes but Pops... When you have sucked the Mousey do NOT go and breathe on the mama. She does NOT want to share

  11. Playing with the mousie before you deaded it is fun. That is what mousies are for.