Monday, April 6, 2015

Work Eve

Hahaha mum found this old photo of me caught surprised relaxing on her bed.  I do like to sleep in her spot on the bed - smells nice.

It was cloudy and a bit so so here today, and as mum has been out for a walk the past three days decided it would be best to spend the day relaxing at home, as her legs have been a bit sore.  She also knew that if she went out, she would feel the need to spend some money.  Instead she should eat up the leftovers in the fridge and not spend any money until payday next week.  Good budget advice mum.

So us girls took it easy - the book was finished, the dishes done, and the uniform got all ready for her to wear tomorrow morning.  At least it will be a short week.

Hope you all got some relaxing done too!!


  1. Hello! Poppyx Poppy!x
    I've been out in the front garden, cutting the
    Virginia Creeper back, and tiding up a bit.
    Cup of tea now and a hot~cross~cross bun.
    Two left over from yesterday, l ate four, so
    can't leave these tow on their own...They'll
    go off...HeHe! :).

    Then l'm gonna cut the grass out the back,
    goodness! Little bit of sun, and everything.s
    gone mad....Oh! Well! Best get on....Be good!x

  2. Poppy, dear, your mum is a very wise woman, budget-wise! She has inspired me to 'shop' in my own freezer this evening for next week's lunches, and to browse in my own bookshelves for entertainment. Like her, I'm well supplied with furry pillows.

    1. Good on YOU Beth, it was tempting to go to the supermarket today, but really I need to use up my stores. Hope you make some tasty meals.

      julie and poppyq

  3. Your mum is very, very good with her budget. Our human is trying to be more disciplined with hers--not that she cooks (lol), but she does find it easier to budget when she takes out cash and uses only that allotted amount for groceries. She's also still saving her $5s, a "trick" she got from your mum!

    Anyway, that aside, you looked super-cosy there, Poppy. We hope you both have a wonderful week!

  4. Yes, it's smart to budget. I try to do that but I never budget enough, it seems, and there is also something on which to spend money, such as a new tire for the bicycle...

  5. My human doesn't have a budget - she has a "guess it." MOL - so your human is doing very good!

  6. Monday here is just another work day. No, day after Easter off!