Friday, April 17, 2015


We  sure are glad that Friday has rolled around, although mum is on call and is working over the weekend.  So we have had a quiet night indeed.  She made sure she went for a walk after work and popped into the library to refresh her reading material, the supermarket for  a few treats and then home to talk to me.  After dinner a nap was in order and now as midnight approaches we are headed off for more sleeps.  Hope you all have some nice plans for your weekend.


  1. You look lovely poppy!x Bless!
    It's lunch time over here...I've just has a
    sausage sandwich, to tied me over till dinner!
    When l will be entertaining one of my own made
    famous curries....! mmmmmM! Can't wait...!
    Sweet dreams!

  2. Look how beautiful you are! You've got the loveliest fus!
    Quite nights are good for our beans. We cats know that quiet and easy is what life is all about.

  3. Paws crossed that your human's calls this weekend are short and not too big of a deal!

  4. heavy rain up here this am hope you stay dry to & from work

  5. Mum is sleeping, cooking, washing, yard working. Me napping, watching the outside, watching mum.