Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rainy Day

The rain poured and poured here this morning, with the whole city woken up at 4amish  by a big old downpour.  Luckily we live up a bit of a side of hi, so our place does not get flooded, and the garden will be grateful for a big old soaking.

Mum dug around in the freezer this evening to make a pork/veg stir fry with some rice for her and dished up a feast for me.  She was thinking about this article she read on line this weekend about a family that only eats steak (zero carb).  Could you do it?  I know the pussy cats could - but what about your mums and dads?

Anyway have a nice day everybuddy!


  1. HeHe! Poppy!x I did manage to read it all.....
    Once l past the lady in the bikini...ooooO! My!

    Food...Well, l'm very fortunate, there's isn't a thing
    l don't eat...I eat anything...They say about me....
    "If it stands still long enough, Willie will eat it".
    But, if someone has a problem, an allergy, or what
    ever, and there diet has to be modified, then, it to be
    But! For me...When it comes to food....Bring it on.....!

  2. Poppy, dear, what we humans can eat to be healthy depends a lot on how wisely we chose our ancestors. I can eat as much meat and cheese as I like, yet still have good cholesterol readings. It's a family thing. But then your mum would probably regard me as short and round, when for my family I'm considered tall and thin!

  3. I love steak, just as I love bacon, but a bit of variety would be nice. But in any case, I can't often afford either, so the question remains academic.

  4. My human doesn't eat red meat at all, so she would starve to death on a steak diet, MOL! And she'd miss her favorite foods, like avocado and red velvet cupcakes (no, she does not eat them together...).

  5. We got da rains here too.

    And my momma would go nutso wifout her carbs.

  6. poppy q...de food serviss gurl heer in trout towne izza veggee tarian.....sew noe, her couldna try that diet....frank lee we think herz a snax a tarian coz we never see her eatz veggeez, but we see her eatin snax...alll...de....time !! ♥♥♥

  7. I have done it. Fell off the wagon at Christmas and have taken my time to get back to it. But, I am going back to it.
    The first couple of weeks are a bit hard. You may feel tired, achy - a bit flu-y.
    The trick is to eat meat, fish, chicken or eggs any time you want. Do not be hungry.
    In an astonishingly short time you will simply not be hungry anymore.
    I felt amazing. Clear headed, calm, and I slept like a rock.
    Weight melted off and my skin was fabulous.
    It is contrary to anything we ever learned about a 'healthy' diet, but it seems a lot of what we know has been the result of bad science and politics.
    If you'd like to read more, let me know. I can send you a whole pile of links to people who can explain the science behind this 'ketogenic diet' far, far better than I ever could.

  8. No, mum likes stuff other than steak. Fruits, veggies, other meats like chick-hen, pork, fishies.

  9. How could anyone afford to eat steak every day? Being a kitty I would love some steak as long as it was minced. My old teeth are not up to much chewing any more. My mum is a vegetarian so no meat for her. But some of our kind friends bring me some chicken. Meow from Jessica