Thursday, April 9, 2015

Naughty Neighbours

Yesterday after a busy work day mum was walking along the street and ran into the neighbours that had had the big shouty match a week or so ago.  She got introduced to the neighbours partner, and mum said hi and was tempted to tell them to have a good night but to try not to fight, but thought that she would be polite and not mention anything.

So she was yawning and finished her book around 11pm last night and was looking forward to a big sleep.  Guess who got home around then?  Guess who locked someone out of the house and spent the next hour or two knocking on the door?  Guess who finally got let in at 1:30 am when they threatened to scream?

You wouldn't guess they were in their sixties - not warring teenagers but actual grownups.  Next time mum sees them she will say something.

On a nice note, mum made herself a big fried rice with bacon and chicken and lots of veg with fridge and freezer bits and pieces last night and has enjoyed that for the past few meals.  Yum.  Me - I enjoyed my feast!!


  1. Oh! Dear! Oh! Dear! Poppy!x
    And there in their 60's...They should know better...
    So when they fight, what is it, ankle socks at five
    paces...HeHe! :).
    Tell Mum, next time she sees them, and says summat,
    make sure she's got a shot~gun in her hands! HeHe!
    Bless! Perhaps Mum should bang their zimmer frames

    You mentioned Mums yum~yum...It's nearly twelve over here
    so it's lunch time...Think l'll have a bacon and egg butty!
    That'll do for now. I've got one of my famous curries to~night!
    Love curry!

  2. Poppy, dear, methinks your mum has a steely 'nursey' stare that she keep in a pocket of her uniform in case some 'seniors experience agitation'. She might even have a sharp word or two tucked in beside it about 'elders who forget the dangers of combining alcohol with medications...' Any woman who can create a delecious dish including bacon and veg can cope.

  3. 60s?! Jeepers. A call to the police for a domestic disturbance could be warranted. Though I understand not wanting to go that route only too well. Fingers and paws crossed for a peaceful weekend. (For me too -- lol.)

  4. Yes, your mum shouldn't don't waste her time with people like that. The next time it happens, have your mum call the police.

  5. Domestic fighting gets out of hand quickly. Unfortunately, it often sprouts violence, too.

    I agree with John--I'd call the police.

  6. poppy q...tell mum they must bee ree livin ther childhood az de sayin goes....may bee they are act shoo a lee.... 6....we say call de pole leese on ther buttz...if they bee yellin that kinda loud de other nayborz prob ablee heerz em two....

    heerz two a feast filled chillaxin fryday for ewe both ♥♥♥

  7. Good Grief! Is this because they come home drunk?
    Maybe a kind word about the noise level. But you know, people with pickled livers can get very nasty. Wouldn't want them to hurt Poppy.

  8. Things could turn badly, especially if the neighbours have enjoyed a little too much drink. Best to be safe and call the police. Poppy you keep out of the way. Meow from Jessica

  9. Iffin our naybors got that loud, mum would be calling the cops to have them come an arrest them for disturbing the peace!

  10. You mum bean if far more patient than ours...she would have called the police furry soon. They should know better!

    Hope you and mum get a better sleep tonight.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. Crikey - other people's children (university students) cause the same disturbance around here!

  12. Oh Poppy ... I was vacuuming today & thinking about your post about the "noisy neighbours" ... so popped back for a visit only to read they have been at it again !!!!
    Godawful neighbours they are !!!!! Hope they are quiet this weekend so you can get some much-needed r & r. You almost blend right in to that couch Poppy Q xxx