Sunday, April 12, 2015

Slow Sunday

Me and my mousie just hung out with mum at home today.  She opened the doors and windows to let the breeze blow in, and popped pyjamas and dressing gown on the washing line.  Mum relaxed, had a late brunch, and considered heading out, then considered staying home and then chose to stay with me - yippee.

She is in the process of sorting out her winter clothes, time to swap over and dig the boots out and put the shorts and tshirts away for a few months.  It is always good to clean out the wardrobe - I love digging around in there.

So a quiet night for us, mum made some sausages and vegetables and dished out my feast.  The evenings are getting much cooler now and we are happy to head to bed to snuggle together.  I am pretty keen now to sleep right next to mum and keep warm.

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday too.


  1. Nice and sunny over here Poppy!x
    But a bit windy..Still, few things out on the line,
    should'nt be to long drying!
    Hopefully a quiet Sunday, lots of footy on later,
    hopefully no visitors...(HeHe! I should be so lucky).
    There's always someone knocking for a cuppa.......!
    Perhaps l ought to leave them out on the patio...No!
    Only joking!
    Keep warm with Mum now! Bless!x

  2. Poppy, dear, we have a little green sisal mousie, too! This is the month everybody goes to the doctor/vet for check-ups: only I don't get to take the mousie with me. (Perhaps I could put it in my bag...?)

  3. Mum is doing the laundry, the last of her winter stuff is being washed to be hung away. Then the foods shopping has to come. Otherwise a quiet Sunday for us.

  4. We is having a quiet Sunday too. The sun is shining and we are getting a little warmer. Enjoy your snuggles!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. That is funny about the clothes. My mum was putting away her woollen socks hopin that they will not be needed as spring seems to be here. You look lovely as always, Poppy. Meow from Jessica