Friday, November 13, 2015


Luckily mum was alert this morning while on the way to the shower.  She noticed that there were flames and smoke coming from the trees on the hill on the town belt, quite some way away from where we live.  She called 111 and spoke to the fire service, they already knew about it and were probably being rung by lots of middle aged people looking out their windows at 7am.  Anyway, it appeared to be out in 20 minutes - so mum felt like she had done her civic duty.

Work duty called next and the day was with some pleasant colleagues and went super fast.  A nap was needed when mum got home - it has been a long 12 days in a row.  Then she got up and had an easy supper of eggs on toast, and some weekend chores were begun with some washing and dishes sorted.


  1. Well done to Mum, Poppy!x For being alert and
    phoning 111...Always best thing to do!

    And..Yep! It's Friday...Ready for the weekend,
    sunny showers over here, though tomorrow looks
    bad. Never mind, got a brolly somewhere!

  2. Good job your mum was on alert, Poppy! Better to have multiple calls to emergency services than none! Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Poppy, dear, there's nothing that wakes up us middle-aged ladies faster than spotting a forest fire! A neighbor's grass fire escaped his control this summer -- I hopped across a field ditch like a deer to swat at it!

  4. We middle aged ladies can battle a lot, but not large scale fires. Our Mum keeps our large size fire extinguisher checked regularly. With all of us, Mum feels she might need to fight a fire before the fire service arrives. Yes, your Mum did the right thing Poppy.

  5. It's a good thing your mum called the fire brigade, Poppy. You never know if someone else has alerted the authorities or not.

    So 111 is the emergency number there? Here it is 911. I don't know why.

    1. Hello John...Just briefly...911 was proposed back in 1968,
      by the Federal Communications Commision along with
      the American Telephone Company..basically because it was
      short, and easy to remember..!
      Over here in the UK we have 999..started back in 1937....!

    2. Hello John and Willie - the UK's 999 and NZ's 111 originated from dial telephones. Each was the longest dial, so was unlikely to be dialled in error/abused. Yes, on the old dial phones the numbers in NZ went in the reverse order to the numbers in the UK.

      Poppy, Yay to your Mum!!! And XXX to you both

  6. Well done to your mum for spotting that fire and reporting it.

  7. Fires are scary! We've had a couple small ones not far from our house... fortunately the fire department here is very vigilant.

  8. Glad your Mum was so observant! Fires are very scary and the threat here where we live has been very high lately.

  9. poppy Q.....paws up ta yur mum for alertin de fire servizz.....we hope noe one waz hurt.... N tell mum her kneadz ....a......brake....12 dayz iz inn food serviss gurl noez bout that kinda crazed schedule....~~~

    heerz two a northern squawfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  10. Better to be the second call than no call at all.