Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cool Caturday

Oh man - this spring has been chilly the past week or two.  It has dropped overnight often to between 4-8 deg C, much like winter and during the day people are still getting about in merino jumpers and scarves.  Lucky I have warm furs to keep me warm - but I have been climbing all over mum at night and snuggling up with her - pinning her to the bed.  Mum got depressed when she looked at the 10 day forecast, and all they showed was clouds and rain.  Grrrr!

Still on a bright note, mum met a bestie for a dinner out.  They were surprised when they went to meet up at a local restaurant, that could only seat them near the bar.  The problem that the stools were tall and mum is small, so she felt like she was mounting a race horse to climb on, and felt perched at an uncomfortable angle.  10 minutes later when her friend arrived mum felt she couldn't face sitting on the stool for the whole dinner so they left.  They tried somewhere else and could only get seats near the bar as well, but these ones were lower and more comfortable.  They ended up having to share their table with some backpackers for a while, and were served by a Channing Tatum look alike.  So the dinner wasn't all bad.

She was glad to get home before some rain started, watched the news and thought about how scared those poor people in Paris must have been, relaxed and now it is  time to make the bed and us girls to snuggle again.

Hope you had a good Caturday everybuddy.


  1. Weathers much the same over here Poppy!x
    I don't take much notice of 5~10 day forecast,
    never been right yet! They spend thousands
    on weather forecasting equipment, and still
    can't get 24hrs right!
    Look out the window....That's the answer! :).

    I agree with Mum..Stools are'nt the nicest things
    to sit on, l'm over 6ft, still find them uncomfortable,'s a long way to fall off....!!! :>).

  2. Poppy, dear, your mum isn't the only middle-aged lady who's decided to exit a restaurant rather than risk breaking a hip falling off a bar stool. Now wouldn't that look nice on the sick leave papers at work!

  3. Did she bring you any leftovers?


  4. our mom isn't the tallest person at barely 5'2" & is always disappointed when she sees high stools for seating. She thinks that even if she were taller, they are the most uncomfortable seating for dining. Maybe the restaurants have them so customers will eat quickly & leave as soon as they are done. That can pump more customers through and make more money. At least you had some eye candy for a waiter, Channing Tatum is easy on the eyes for sure. Stay warm & dry Poppy. All those people killed in Paris by such cold & evil humans makes us wish those murderers acted more like us cats. Mom had to turn the news off after a few hours. It reminds her too much of 9/11. So many families will be effected by the murders of their friends & relatives. We are sending loud purrs for them to be able to cope with the loss of every life that was taken in the days ahead.

  5. I wouldn't mind sitting on a barstool - I could just leap up there! But then, I'm a cat. Humans are leap challenged.