Friday, November 20, 2015

Sad Week - RIP Tober

When we checked the internets this afternoon, we read the sad news regarding our awesome friend Tober.  You see Tober made friends with his assistant boss Karen in 2008.  She had two dogs who didn't welcome a feline friend, so he asked if he could live at her work, and he got to move into the Thornton Public Library in Indiana.  He got to lie on every chair in the place, suck in sunbeams and was surrounded by thousands of books.  Sounds like my mums dream house!!

Anyways our little buddy had been feeling a bit out of sorts, and after a vet visit they found that it was the nasty cancer making him feel off his foods.  So gentle Tober got helped to the bridge.  Thank you Tober for sharing your fantastic life with us.  We enjoyed your updates and feel for all of the friends who looked after you and visited you at your work place.

We are looking forward to our weekend.  The week has been so sad, with all the grim reports from Paris and the news about Jonah Lomu.  So we are looking to do some fun things.  I am going to rest and catch some sunbeams.  Mum is going to share foods with friends, maybe watch a movie and get outside and suck in the fresh air. We are starting tonight by having a Middle Aged Lady Movie night and watching the Age of Adaline - nibbles and a big glass of something are all lined up ready to go.  We hope you have some fun things planned too.


  1. Ah! Bless the little man..Tober!x in a Public Library...Wow! Bit of a book worm!
    Or should that be book cat...Bless!x

    New Zealand in the news again over here in the UK Poppy!
    Something to do with voting on a new flag...They were at
    a school of 5yr olds in Auckland...showing off their ideas...
    Most of them still had 'The Fern' on...Perhaps a flag full
    of pussy~cats would be nice....! :>)

  2. My human and I were so sad to hear about Tober too. :-(

  3. Poppy, dear, it has indeed been a sad gray week here in the American Midwest. Tober will be missed, but he will be remembered with love. Perhaps the library people will decide to establish a library cat basket (with suitable occupant) in his honor?

    Your mum is right about making the effort to move forward into the sun. The French did NOT cancel Beaujolais Day!

  4. I was very surprised by the news about Tober. I think it was sudden to his people, too. I didn't know that he had been Thorntown's library-cat only since 2008. I had the feeling that he had been there much longer. He was an institution in the community. Very sad.

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  6. We is sorry to hear about your furriend Tober. We hadn't met him, but our brofur Silas had the awful cancer too (and he was an ornj tabby too) so we knows how you feel.

    Mom bean says we are supposed to get some warm(er) weather this weekend; it's been snowy, cold and windy so we're hoping we'll get to have fun in the sunny room She went for dinner with her bean friends tonight and there will be football on the noisy boxy so she'll have fun too.

    Have a good weekend.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Fun things? Maybe me, but we will probably wake up to our first snow of the season!