Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Things that made us Smile Today

Our friend Deb asked us to talk about the things that made us smile today.  Last payday mum ummed and arrred about buying these Orla Kiely glasses as they were a bit pricey, but used her birthday money to buy two.  She is glad she did, as she has used them every day to drink her water from and loves them.  So much so, that she might go back and buy another two.  She also loved her dinner tonight, when she made a huge Thai Beef salad.  Full of vege and rice noodles, there is also enough left for dinner tomorrow night, which means more time for relaxing.

We both enjoyed that the afternoon was sunny and finally warm, which gave mum pleasure on her walk home.  She visited the supermarket and got her salad supplies.  Then the doors and windows were opened, so after my feast I rushed outside to scratch and spent a whole hour sitting outside.  Mum even put some bread and fruit out for the birds who were happy for a feast of their own.  Alas the weather did not stay fine for long, as clouds and coolness drifted into the city round 7pm.

We hope you all had reasons to smile today too.


  1. Nothing like a good scratch Poppy!x

    I was up 6:30 this morning, my friend farmer Mike,
    had been up a little earlier, and left 4 brace of pheasants
    on the table on the patio...So, rolled my sleeves up and
    got on with those.
    Into town about 9 o'clock, coffee at Costa, just got back home!
    Think the kitchen floor needs seeing to.....Now where's the bleach! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, you made me smile this morning, with your fluffy derriere up in the air

  3. Those glasses are really nice! Good for your mum for treating herself, we all need to do that sometimes.

    We hope today is just a good...if not even better! :-)

  4. Me glad your mom got those beautiful glass for herself! Spoiled herself cause she deserved it !
    Have a fantastic day

  5. Those glasses your mum bought are pretty. Enjoy your scratch on the seat, Poppy.

  6. poppy Q....we waz smilin at yur post...then we getted ta de ewe noe what part N we wuz like.....uh.......what a waste oh bread & fruit !!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺☺☺\

  7. The glasses are pretty and useful. I had a lovely day relaxing and mum is off work on holidays so lots to smile about here. From Jessica

  8. Mum does lots of easy dinners on work nights. Soup that she makes ahead, simple stuff to re-heat. Those glasses do look purrty.