Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cheap Caturday

Today was a cheap old Caturday.  The mumster and I stayed home all day - not a dollar was spent (even no online shopping was done).  Mum was on call last night, and went round 2am-3.30am and back at 6am, so she got about 2 lots of 2 hour sleeps.  On her way home, she got to see the police guarding the governor Generals house, which is at the end of our street.  You see Charles and the Mrs are staying up there on their visit to NZ.  They have been quite the popular couple too, with lots of hand shaking and waving.  Hope they get to put their feet up and have a wine tonight.

So mum had lots of intentions of going for a walk, and doing a few chores but after having some breakfast and a shower a little lie down was in order and she got a wee sleep in the middle of the day.  Call starts again in a couple of hours, so she thinks she might join me for another nap on the bed.  Always sleep where you can when on call, just in case the next night is worse.  So the sun was shining and the wind breezing about, so mum got all the windows open and the washing on the line.  Now though the evening air is cooler, so time to go and make the bed with the fresh sheets and put our feet and paws up.

Hope you all had a fun Caturday.


  1. I did'nt know Charlie Boy and his bit of fluff were
    in New Zealand...HeHe! No body told 'ME'. Not even
    seen it on the news! Ah! Charlie's o.k. Bit like his Dad...
    Silly...! >).

    Still windy and wet over here Poppy!x Just seven, first
    lemon tea of the day, back to bed for half hour, see if
    they mention Charlie!
    God Save the Queen! And..ALL who sail in her!!! :>).

  2. We didn't know they were in NZ either. Hope they're enjoying the visit. :-)

    Yes, always sleep when you get a chance! Our human would like to do that at the office many a day. LOL.

  3. Poppy, dear, I do love open windows and fresh sheets! * Saw HRH interviewed years ago about "what tips did your father give you about public appearances...?" HRH replied his dad told him that when confronted by bare-breasted maidens to always look at their ears, and to never miss an opportunity to use the loo.

  4. You mean you won't get invited for tea or wine the Charles and the Mrs?

  5. I like them. I'll take tea with them any day.

  6. It's so exciting having the governor Generals house so close! Yesterday our mum had lunch with three friends and someone was saying how much they'd like to visit Australia. Mum and one other agreed New Zealand would be where they'd love to visit. So, don't be surprised if one day there is a knock at your door! haha!