Thursday, November 19, 2015


Gosh the whole of NZ is quiet today after hearing about the early death of Jonah Lomu yesterday.  One of our finest and the most famous of rugby players, he died yesterday at only aged 40 leaving behind a wife and two young boys.  After battling kidney problems for years, it was still a surprise that he died and the whole country is sad.  As well as plowing through players on the field, he would often be the last player out out after the game is over, signing autographs for young fans.

Today we were lucky and had some warmth and glowing blue skies.  After work, mum popped into the supermarket then came home and through the doors and windows open, and I went out and stayed in the garden for a couple of hours as the birds were particularly vocal.  Mum fed me my feast and let me have a little bit of chicken al fresco out on the deck.  She made herself some Thai chicken curry and rice for dinner which she enjoyed.  Fresh grapes are nice at the moment, and mum may have eaten a few too many.

Family phone calls were made and now a little rest before mum turns the cell phone on at 10pm.  Wish her luck!!


  1. Still paying tribute to the great Jonah Lomu over
    here Poppy!x Sad lose! Never be another like him..!

    oooO! Chicken al fresco..sounds nice Poppy!x
    Oh! And, tell Mum..Not to many grapes now, she'll be
    popping in and out of the loo...! HeHe! As long as she
    does'nt start to 'wine'. :).

    And..You look lovely on that quilt....Very colourful...Lovely!

  2. Forty years of age is too young for anyone to die. That's sad.

  3. poppy Q.....yur gonna bee in trubull when mum findz out bout all de FOWL language ewe used...burd....chcikn........

    heerz two a beaked salmon kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥

    ~~~~~~~ we are sorry to hear about your country's rugby player; God's strength to his entire family ♥

  4. It was a big shock to my humans too when they heard the news.