Monday, November 2, 2015

Long Long Day

So on Sunday morning, the mumster got herself up at 4:30am to watch the rugby.  Most Kiwis love the rugby, from little kids to oldies, we think that most people would have watched.  We are so proud of our boys, they have worked so hard and are good examples of honest hard working athletes.  There are very few stories of them misbehaving out in public in their off hours.  Most are young fathers, farmers, students, lawyers  and all give back to the community here.

Mum and I had a quiet morning, then mum went and met her lovely niece for a chitchat and for some dinner.  They had some tasty Asian food and enjoyed a lovely sunny evening out.  Mum got herself home at a reasonable time, watched a bit of tele and put her her feet up.  Then mum got a call to go to work to help out for a case.  She got to work before midnight, and then they called to say they had a more urgent patient, and wouldn't need her for 4-5 hours.

So mum slipped home and curled up in bed next to me.  She then woke herself up after 5am and got up and got me some breakfast.  She was just back under the covers and the phone went at 5.50am.  So back to work she went.  This time she got to get all of her stuff set up, and then sat there for a half hour before they decided they did not need her.

So she went and did a couple of little jobs to help out, changed back into her clothes and was able to head home for the day as it was 8am, and you get to have a 9 hour break after call ins which worked out well for her.  The only pain is that with such little sleep you feel hung over all day and mum was rocking a big headache.  So it is early to bed for us tonight!!


  1. ooooO! Poppy!x Well l watched the highlights yesterday!
    Brilliant! :).
    Lovely story in the paper this morning over here....
    A young 14yr old, Charlie Line, from New Zealand, who boards
    at a school in Somerset..Went to the game, at the end, he rushed
    onto the pitch like most people did, and got flattened...He was helped
    up by no other than..Sonny Bill Williams...When Sonny Bill found out
    he was from New Zealand...He gave him his winners medal....What
    lovely story....!

    Enjoy your early night you two....Nite! Nite!x

  2. Poppy, dear, you must be exhausted, keeping track of your mum's comings and goings!

  3. Whew, what a day for your mum. She should've played in the rugby match; she'd be less tired.

  4. poppy Q....we saw frum yur other post yur teem winned !!!!! HOORAY !!!! total lee awesum & conga ratz two them all ♥♥♥♥ thatz mega kewl !!

  5. Oh a long day, but a great start to the day! Hurrah for the big win! Your poor mum being called in and not getting a full sleep. We hope both you and your mum have a goof rest. Right now I am going through the food waste bin which is making mum a bit annoyed. From Jessica

  6. Oh, poor mum...that sounds like a rough day. We're so glad to be kitties and get to have as many naps as we like.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Sorry your mum had such a wonky day. My mum couldn't make it for long on strange hours and being on call.