Thursday, November 12, 2015

Late Shift

Mum is home again at 11pm tonight.  She dives through the door, greets me and feeds me my feast.  Then she grabbed some snacks and sits on the couch to watch for a little while.  Then it is time to head for bed, as she has to be up again at 6am to get back to work.  So not much of a break at all.  So she is hanging out til Friday at 4pm when her weekend begins!


  1. Better write nice and quietly Poppy!x
    Let you and Mum, get some shut eye!
    Sweet dreams....!

  2. Poppy, dear, we middle-aged lady 'beans sometimes find it easier to march briskly through the days/nights when we can see a treat ahead. For your mum and me, it's free time on the weekend -- but what are you striding toward in today's pix?

  3. Hi Poppy. We hope your mum will get some needed rest this weekend. Our biped feels like she never leaves the office, even though her schedule is regular. LOL.

  4. Miss Poppy,
    Your mom rock ! We got no idea how she can handle less nap. Me hope she wil get a good long nap soon.
    Paw crossed & Have a fantastic weekend

  5. I hope you have a nice weekend with your Mom.

  6. Your poor mum is working so hard, Poppy. The weekend cannot come soon enough. My mum is on holidays now, working long hours up until last week. Just staying home and resting with me. From Jessica