Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cool Caturday

Last weekend was super summer hot, but today mum had to put the long jeans on and grab a cardi, cos it was a bit chilly at home.  She had a leisurely beginning to her Caturday with us girls have a little lie in.  Mum then did a few chores before heading out.  She then swiftly forgot about the one thing she was meant to go and do and had a little wander.  She then met a bestie for some pork tacos and a nice drink.  The girls then went to see The Danish Girl which they enjoyed.  Groceries were picked up, and mum got home before 7pm!!!

I only got one feast tonight, but lots of cuddles and mum says we are having an early night tonight - no arguments!!!

Hope you all had a fun Caturday!


  1. Not to nice over here either Poppy!x
    Damp..Dismal.Dark..And, that's just the weather,
    never two days the same..Still, soon be Christmas,
    HeHe! :).

  2. It's still early in the day where we live Poppy. No sunshine today, just rainy dark skies. We were hoping for a nice sun puddle to snooze in, but no such luck. We've been curled up in front of the heater all morning while Mom is busy sewing a new quilt. We are hoping that this quilt is being made especially for us. Our old quilt is a bit thread bare after being washed so many times over the years, we really could use a new one. The fabric mom's using has burds & cats with green eye's just like yours Poppy. Laer on mom will pop a chick-hen into the hot as hell box & serve us a nice plate of minced burd. Movies will be watched on Netflix this evening followed by some reading in bed until we all fall asleep. Caturdays are the best don't you agree Poppy?

  3. We had sunshine and above freezing temps here Poppy. It was so nice that the mom bean opened up the sunny room for us today. With the sun coming through all the windows, mom said the room was 18C. We sure enjoyed the sunshine.

    Enjoy your cuddles with mum Poppy and we hope you both have an easy Sunday!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku