Thursday, January 28, 2016


Mum has been on the late shifts again this week, which is good as us girls have had a chance to have a lie in and a cuddle in the  morning.  It was a bit chilly here overnight, so mum put an extra quilt on the bed, and I made sure to climb on top of her and keep her warm.

She had an easy sandwich for her lunch and some fruit.  It is stone fruit season here in NZ, we have lots of apricots, nectarines and plums.  All sweet and tasty and they never last for long.  Mum has made a thai chicken curry and rice for her dinner, which makes it easy for her at work.

I don't get my fancy feast til mum gets home - so real late, but I have lots of crunchies to snack on.


  1. Our Mommy loves the stone fruits, too. We love this pic of your nose and whiskers, Poppy. It's adorable!

  2. Sorry to hear Mum has been on the late shift, Poppy. But that morning cuddle time sounds nice. :)

  3. mmmmmM! I love stone fruits to Poppy!x
    I love them sliced with lot's of cream
    or yogurt...Goodness! It's nearly seven
    over here..feeling peckish already.....
    But l'll stick with my cuppa tea for now!

  4. Poppy, dear, you have lovely whiskers! We middle-aged ladies don't like to have them, but they do look nice on you.

  5. There's something about having to anticipate dinner that makes it more appetizing, wouldn't you say, Poppy?

  6. Morning lie ins sound good, Poppy. My mum loves nectarines.

  7. poppy Q....waddya meen mum willna give ewe any feest til her comez home....ya noe, if her just popped open a can... ore 12... then leeved em at variouz points in de houz....problem solved !! ♥♥♥