Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Close

Our Sunday is coming to a close, just as many of you are waking up and having your breakfast depending on what part of the world you live in.  Mum and I went to bed early last night which was nice, nice to get a full 8 hour sleep, something we struggle with most nights.  Could just be a middle aged lady thing or as mum thinks  - a having a job thing.

So mum got herself up and ready and decided that even though it was sunny, she would take herself to the movies to see Brooklyn.  She loved that movie, sweet and subtle, a movie about what it means to be homesick and what you consider home,, a feeling mum understands as she left home and was independent from age 18.  Saoirse Ronan was just amazing, she did a great job of telling the story and holding it altogether.  Mum likes that it was also not overstyled, the costumes and hair were realistic, the home knitted jumpers and outfits worn several times.  She hates when there is a period drama and the female heroine arrives with one small suitcase, yet turns out in a different shiny new outfit with matching shoes every day.  Anyway, she would recommend this one to all - although it might be too slow for any twenty somethings out there.

Mum then went off and did some jobs for the afternoon, she sat and ate her lunch in the sun, and then popped into the library for a little browse.  Supermarket next for some supplies, and home to take a nap with me on the bed.  Her intention was to read, but she only usually gets a page or two read before passing out.  So now we are tidying up and getting ready for another week of work.

Hope you all get to enjoy your Sunday and do something fun!


  1. It's nearly 8:30 in the morning over here Poppy!x
    And it's raining...I've just had breakie..Bit of
    a fry up, not good for you, but l love it!
    Freddie..the Jack Russell has just popped in for
    his chewy, on his way home from his walk! He's
    14yrs old now, still runs around like a two year
    old..Bless!x And, as l'm having rabbit for dinner
    to~day, l wrapped up a leg for him, to take home,
    and have later, his Mum will cook it up for him! :).
    I was going to the supermarket...Think l'll go tomorrow
    now! Amen! :>).

  2. Sounds like it was a lovely Sunday, Poppy. Our biped's dad and his wife saw the movie and enjoyed it too, though movies aren't something our human bothers going to see anymore (she figures she'd nod off in the dark, because she's always so over-tired -- lol).

    Purrs for a good week ahead!

  3. Poppy, dear, this sounds like a wonderfullly restorative Sunday for your mum. I, too, have a "busy brain" and hurting joints that sometimes wake me up. Now I'm looking forward to my Sunday nana nap on the sofa with my feline friends purring around me.

  4. Glad you found the movie Brooklyn a good one. My friend and I are off to it this week.

  5. I am glad your mum enjoyed the film, Poppy. It is 5pm here, so 6am for you and I expect your mum will be getting up soon if she has not already done so.

  6. A good sleep is a good thing Poppy, the beans need to learn a lesson or two from us kitties.

    Our mom bean says she's looked at the trailer for Brooklyn and thought it would be good so appreciates the review. She only goes to about one movie a year and is thinking she'll check this out.

    Have a great week!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Glad to hear you and your mum enjoyed a fine Sunday. Thank your mum for the movie review. I am looking forward to seeing this movie on a day off from work this week. Your assessment of period movies and heroines' clothing is right on! Have a lovely week.

  8. Good to hear your mum liked the film.
    Our mum likes that kind of movie too(yup, she's old) MOL!
    Have a pawsome week girls.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. The best way to spend your day is doing what you want to do not what you feel you should do.

  10. Our Sunday is winding down. About ready to watch Downton Abbey, then read and head off to bed.

  11. I like slow movies more than I used to, probably because I'm slower than I used to be. I watched "Midnight in Paris" this weekend. an enjoyable film; it certainly did a good job of 'selling' Paris, though I'd rather visit that city in the 1920s than today. Come to think of it, I'd rather be anywhere in the 1920s than today...