Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sea Fog Sunday

Mum was up early to visit the bathroom this morning at 6.30 am and can see across the harbour, although she cannot see the water itself she could see that there was lots of fog.  When she got up again after 8am it was clearing.  So she took herself off for a little walk.  She then took the bus to Petone to catch up with a bestie and went out for lunch.

All day she has been thinking about those lucky folks who won 1/3 each of the large powerball Lotto in the US.  She wonders about their weekend and how amazing a life they can have.  We know money might not make you happy, but mum would have a good go at helping as many people as she could.  Wouldn't it be fun!!

After having lunch, mum then went to visit with some more friends for the afternoon.  It was lovely and sunny and mum even rolled up her shorts and went into the water to her knees.  Really cold but refreshing.  While they were there they could see heavy see fog rolling in across the harbour opposite them.  Mum has never seen fog like it.  When she got home round 5pm the fog was thick and heavy, a real pea souper and mum was able to rescue her washing off the line before it was too dewy and wet.  Me - well I slept through it all.

Hope you all had a nice Sunday and got some relaxing done.


  1. I've already said Poppy!x
    If l win the lottery..I'm gonna jump on a plane,
    pop over to New Zealand and shake paws with you!
    Oh! And Mum..Then l'm gonna visit Pippi and Blackie,
    over there, on Julie Blog..(mythreadbearlife). Then,
    jump on another plane and go to Canada and visit Debs
    pussy~cats..Audrey and Annie..Finally when l get back,
    l'll pop over to Wales and visit Cobweb and Nala, on
    Yvonne's Blog..(wintermoon).
    I'd really do that!!!

    Oh! Tell Mum, love the photo..Reminds me of the film
    The Fog.

  2. My human has read up on lottery winners and most of them don't know what to do with all that money and wind up losing it all! Which is really sad because that type of money can be put to such good use.


  3. Happy New Year! Love Helen, Darcy, Bing and Fred xxxx

  4. I would love to have won Powerball, I would have helped a lot of kitties and rescues.

  5. We get a lot of sea fog here also. It comes into the estuary and rolls up the valley. Because we are quite high, we look out over the top of it.

  6. Mum says the one lottery winner looks sensible. Pay off their loans, stay in the same house. Still go to work. Mum says she would be doing lots for charity stuff and travel. Visit all our blogging pals, like you! I will be staying home and send her in my place.